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OZ Educational Products

OZ Educational Products 

OZ Educational Products are 100% Aussie made and owned. We have been in business for over twelve years. Our eco-friendly reusable writing board (our Writeboard) has helped thousands of children either catch up, or get ahead at school. Kids LOVE using our Writeboard as it just makes learning fun!

Unfortunately for us, our Writeboard has refused to wear out, the Writeboards that we sold into schools over 12 years ago are still being used today.

Our Writeboard can be used with whiteboard markers, dry-erase crayons, water colour paint and even permanent marker. All of these can be removed with ease and leave no staining or shadowing. 

Along with our Writeboard we have thousands of worksheets that can be used with our Writeboard. In Australia there are five different styles of school handwriting and it all depends on what State or Territory your child lives in. We are the only business on the market to offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our Aussie State and Territory handwriting styles. You can be assured that you are purchasing the right product for your child!

Unlike other internet businesses, if you require any help along the way, we are available by phone to help you choose the right product for your child.

Our Writeboard can be purchased by itself, however, purchasing it in one of our specially designed packs, enables your child to have access to all the relevant Australian worksheets to use with their Writeboard.

We have three different packs to choose which include our School Readiness Pack (for the child that getting ready to start school); our School Starter Pack (for the child that is just starting school); or our Advanced School Pack (for the child that is already at school).

Each of our specially designed packs are colour coded. All you need to do is select the Australian State or Territory that applies to your child. Remember we are here to help you either by phone or email.

Our specialised packs are not available for Teachers, Schools, Tutors, Therapists and other professionals. To learn more about our products please contact us.

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