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Alphabet & Number Worksheets Worksheets - VIC Modern Cursive Font

VIC Modern Cursive Font Alphabet and Number Worksheets

The entire lower case alphabet and numbers from 0 to 9 completed using VIC Modern Cursive Font for Childcare and Kindergarten.

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  • This printable download is great for fine motor skills and the recognition of each individual letter and number.
  •  Each worksheet contains a smaller version of both the letter and number.
  • The worksheets have been designed this way to enable your students to see the correct formation of each individual letter and number when they are formed on the three writing lines.
VIC Modern Cursive Font Lowercase Alphabet Worksheets for Childcare and Kindergarten  VIC Modern Cursive Font Lowercase Alphabet Worksheets for Childcare and Kindergarten  VIC Modern Cursive Font Number Worksheets for Childcare and Kindergarten

Once your students they can confidently draw or use play dough to form both these letters and numbers, reduce the worksheet size by printing 2 to a page, 4 to a page on so on...

This download includes:

  • The twenty six lower case letters completed using VIC Modern Cursive Font.
  • Numbers from zero to nine using completed using VIC Modern Cursive Font.
  • Writeboards® large lines worksheet to practice forming the letters and numbers without using a tracing worksheet to assist them.
  • Writeboards® plain worksheet for freehand formation of the VIC letters and numbers.

NOTE: This download cannot be purchased separately. Schools, teachers, businesses, or professional persons will require a Writeboards Site Licence.

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