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Animal Phonics Posters for TAS Handwriting

Animal Phonics Posters for TAS Handwriting 

These posters are beautiful and my 3 year old son loves them. I used them as a feature wall in his bedroom. He has always loved animals, and these have the added benefit of teaching him his phonic sounds. 

If your child does not live in TAS please click here to get the right handwriting style for your child. 

This printable download includes:

  • 26 pages with one letter and picture per page.
  • These are great to use in your child's bedroom as a frieze. You can even make a feature wall out of them in either their bedroom or your child's playroom.
  • Our Animal Phonic posters are recommended from birth to age 8.
  • Our posters are completed using TAS Modern Cursive Font which is used in TAS schools.
  • These posters can be printed on A3 or A4 paper, or for smaller versions two to a page. 
  • All our animal posters also interact with our Animal Phonics and CVC Range.