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Animal Phonics Posters for Teachers

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Animal Phonics Posters for Teachers 

These animal posters look great in my classroom and my students love them. I also purchased the flashcard package and I have created a game they have to match the flashcard and the phonic sound to the poster, lots of fun.

If you are teacher in Australia, click here to get the right handwriting style for your students.

This printable download includes:

  • 26 pages with one phonic letter and picture per page.
  • These are great to use in your classroom as a frieze or a feature wall.
  • Use them as placemats for play dough or other activities etc.
  • Our posters are completed using Bat and Ball Font. This is a universal style of handwriting used throughout the world.
  • These posters can be printed on A3 or A4 paper, or for smaller versions two to a page. 
  • All our animal posters also interact with our Animal Phonics and CVC Range.

If you would like to see all the pictures that are included, just go to our desk strips.