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CVC Flashcards Bundle - NSW & ACT Handwriting

CVC Flashcard Bundle NSW & ACT Handwriting

I also purchased the phonic posters and put them on my son's bedroom wall as a frieze, they look great! Each day my son would point to a different animal picture and say the name of the animal and then I would say the sound. Now he knows all his sounds and can easily read all his CVC words.

If you don't live in NSW /ACT click here to get your child's individual handwriting style.

This printable download contains:

  • 228 individual flashcards that can be printed on either A4 or A3 paper.
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • All are completed using the best NSW Foundation Font (for NSW & ACT handwriting) in the world. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.


What can you do with these flashcards?

  • They interact with our entire Animal Phonics and CVC Range.
  • All our flashcards are great to play games like memory, hide and seek, I spy. find the rhyming word and the list goes on...
  • Your child can play by themselves finding cards that match each other, cards that start with a certain letter etc.