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CVC Games Pack One

CVC Words Games Pack One - Pictures

This pack was brilliant for my son. He has problems recognising his letters; however, he loves animals and knows all their names. Just using pictures, he is learning all his CVC words.

This printable download includes sixty one pages:

  • Thirty four game cards with the two letter ending in pictures (e.g. ab, et etc.) and a blank square at the beginning.
  • Five game cards with one vowel picture letter in the middle, leaving two blank spaces for your child to create a word (see picture above). 
  • One blank game card for your child to make their own words.
  • Twenty one pages of flashcard animal pictures so you do not have to keep printing over and over again.
  • Recommended for ages 2 and up.


What can your child do with this download?

  • Play games of bingo with yourself, friends or family.
  • Play independently (kids love making words by themselves).
  • Learn to spell their CVC words using pictures.
  • Play memory, hide and seek, I spy and the list goes on...