Divided Lines Worksheets - SA Modern Cursive Font

Writeboards® have consulted with Occupational Therapists to replicate this wonderful system which uses SA Modern Cursive Font. This pack will teach your students (in the easiest format) where the letter begins and where it ends.

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Divided Lines, consist of the same three lines, however, the system it uses is much more child friendly. Instead of your having three plain lines in front of them, the three lines are in groups of colours. Divided Lines uses the concept of Sky, Grass and Dirt.

For example b starts in the sky and goes down to the grass and finishes in the grass, while p starts in the grass and goes down to the dirt and finishes back up in the grass. Most children know where the sky is in relation to both the grass and dirt.

The letters are in this download are grouped into their letter families for SA Modern Cursive Font. As an example of this ad are part of the "a - Family".

This pack also contains plain sheets of Divided Lines to enable your child to form their own letters without the help of a worksheet.

NOTE: This download cannot be purchased separately. Schools, teachers, businesses or professional persons will require a Writeboards Site Licence.  

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