Family Letters - VIC Modern Cursive Font

You can choose this pack as one of your two free downloads when you purchase a Writeboard Kit.

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Teach your child that VIC letters follow six family designs. 

This download is fantastic for showing your child when using VIC Modern Cursive Font that the letters actually belong to a family and they are related in their formation.

Writeboards® were actually asked to complete this pack by Occupational Therapists, many of them use this system.

This download includes:

  • The A Family - acd and goq. Tall Sticks Family - hk and lbt.
  • Tall Letters Family - gjy and pqz.  Walking Sticks Family - mn and nr.
  • Cup Letters Family uv and wy.  Stand Alone Letters Family ef and ixs.
  • Upper case letters with extra line room for practice ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO, PQR STU, VWX and YZ.
  • Extras include: Qwerty keyboard with letters, qwerty keyboard without letter, Australian flag picture, Australian flag outline for tracing and colouring, Story page, Writeboards® Lines in two different sizes and a plain Writeboard backing for drawing, doodling etc.

    Help your child to succeed!

    Writeboards clear reusable writing board is an environmentally friendly eco product

    Remember you can choose this pack as one of your two free downloads when you purchase a Writeboard Kit.

    NOTE: This download is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you will require a Writeboards Site Licence.

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