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Maths Bingo Game - SA Handwriting

SA Handwriting Bingo Game

This is a style of handwriting is used in SA Schools.

How can this Bingo game help your child?

You can teach your child:

  • How to recognise the numbers from one to twelve.
  • How to recognise groups of pictures as numbers (known as subitising).
  • Addition from one to twelve.
  • Subtraction from twelve to one.
  • How to use a number line to get the right answer on either addition or subtraction from one to twelve. 
Children learn through play
This fantastic game is the perfect game to play to encourage your child to understand numbers; addition and subtraction from one to twelve; and how to use a number line.

      This download includes: 

      • Single animal flashcards that will match all the animal bingo sheets that are in this pack.
        This is a great place to start with your child. They will learn to recognise groups of animals and how many are in each group (see picture above with single animal cards on it e.g. ducks, frogs etc).
      • Single number flashcards from one to twelve that will cover all the bingo sheets that are in this pack.
        After your child has mastered matching the picture flashcards this is the next stage (see picture above with single number on them e.g. 3, 9, 8 & 7).
      • Three Animal picture bingo sheets that are focused on the numbers 1 to 4; 5 to 8; and then 9 to 12.
        After your child has mastered the above two stages this is the next stage for your child to master. This will enable you to teach your child only four numbers at a time. (displayed in the pictures above in the 1 to 4 sheet with the sum of 1+1, 1 + 2, 4 - 2, 5-1 & 3-2 on it).
      • Three animal bingo sheets that include numbers from 1 to 12. These are to be used once your child can understand the above three targeted bingo cards (displayed in the pictures above that include 4 - 1, 11 - 2, 9 - 1 etc.).
      • Sixty Six Flashcards of all sums in addition from one to twelve that will match all the bingo sheets that are in this pack
        (displayed picture above goes from 3 + 7 to 4 + 6).
      • Sixty Six Flashcards of all sums in subtraction from twelve to one that will match all the bingo sheets that is in this pack.
        (displayed picture above goes from 11 - 7 to 10 - 8).
        NOTE: All these flashcards can also be used by themselves to teach your child how to add and subtract.
      • Two larger number lines (not pictured here) that will enable your child to understand and learn the one hundred and thirty two addition and subtraction flashcards.
      • Two smaller number lines (pictured above) that will enable your child to learn and understand the one hundred and thirty two addition and subtraction flashcards.
      • Two dots to use with the number lines that will show enable your child know where to start and stop.
        As displayed in the picture above on the smaller number line the first sum is 4 + 3. Your child puts the green dot on 4 and then counts another 3 on the number line and puts the red dot on seven (therefore the answer is 7). 
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