Subitising Flashcards 1 to 10

Subitising is a term that was coined by the theorist Piaget and defined the ability to instantly recognise the number of objects in a small group without the need to count them.           
    • Recognising numbers represented as dot patterns is an important step in developing number sense for your child.
    • With these flashcards you can teach your teach to recognise small groups (up to 10) on a number grid.
    • These are also great for learning addition and subtraction.

    The download includes:

    • 12 different versions of one dot flashcards.
    • 24 different versions of two dot flashcards.
    • 24 different versions of three dot flashcards.
    • 28 different versions of four dot flashcards.
    • 24 different versions of five dot flashcards.
    • 32 different versions of six dot flashcards.
    • 32 different versions of seven dot flashcards.
    • 24 different versions of eight dot flashcards.
    • 11 different versions of nine dot flashcards.
    • 1 version of 10 dot flashcard.
    • 8 blank flashcards to make your own patterns.
    There are 220 flashcards in total.

      Play some fun games with your child and get them recognising these patterns without even thinking. 

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