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Teach Your Child to Tell Digital and Analog time

January 20, 2020

Learn to Tell the Time Using Colours, Teach Your Child to Tell the Time

50% of our Kids Cannot Tell Analog Time?

This is totally unbelievable, why is this happening?

  • When I was at school, we had to adapt to digital time and we had to learn how to do it.
  • There were no questions as to whether we could learn it or not, it was just expected that we had to learn how to do it.

I do not understand why it is not expected of today's students. Telling the time is not a hard thing to do, after all there are only 12 hours in analog time!

  • In the morning it is called am which is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase ante meridiem meaning before midday.
  • In the afternoon it is called pm which is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase post meridiem meaning after midday.

Teach your Child to tell the time using Colours

  • Writeboards have created three stages of colour coded worksheets and flashcards to teach your child the easy way. 
  • All our flashcards and worksheets come both with and without the answers for your child.
  • We have also created clocks that can be used with our reusable writing board (our Writeboard) that will teach your child both analog (past and to times) and digital time on the same worksheet.

Help Your Child to Learn Analog & Digital Time the Easy Way Using Colour Coding

  • Learn to Tell the Time Stage Two will teach your child how to tell the time in five minute increments on both digital and analog clock (without the hour hand moving).
Help Your Child to See how Easy it is to Tell the Time

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