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All About Today - VIC Modern Cursive Font

Teach Your Child All About Today

    This download has all the elements to teach your child all about today using VIC Modern Cursive Font worksheets and flashcards.

    What is the day?...What is the date?...What is the month?...What is the year?...How many days in each month?...How many days in each week?...What is the weather forecast?...What season is it?

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    This download includes:

    • Flashcards.
    • Posters.
    • Worksheets.
    • Tracing sheets.
    • Pictures of the weather on a grid that your child can learn to draw using their Writeboard.
    • Plus an Achievement Award for the completion of learning.

    NOTE: This download is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you will require a Writeboards Site Licence.