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Animal Phonics Play Dough Pack for QLD Handwriting

QLD Animal Phonics Play Dough Pack

We use these with play dough and whiteboard markers. I laminated them to both protect and make them last. My daughter loves using them.

If your child does not live in QLD, click here to get your child's handwriting style!

This printable download includes:

  • Twenty six pages with one letter and picture to a page.
  • Each letter has the appropriate matching picture to denote the phonic name (pictured below).
  • Directions on how to form that letter is included in the name of the animal.
  • These can also be used with our Eco-friendly reusable writing board (our Writeboard).

Here are some examples of our Play Dough worksheets: 

    QLD Animal Phonics Worksheets Playdough        QLD Animal Phonics Worksheets Playdough