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School Readiness Kits for Australian Children

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School Readiness Kit for Aussie Kids

With its clever design and easy usability, it's a sure-fire way to give your child the best possible head start for school in Australia.

  • Specially designed for 3-5 year olds, our school readiness kit provides your child with an effective way to develop many skills through play.
  • Supporting a holistic approach to education, our product equips your child with activities that build skills in numbers, letters, problem-solving, and more. 
My son has had so much fun with his School Readiness Kit. I take photos each time he uses it, just so he can see with his own eyes how much he has improved. I would recommend this product to anyone that is getting their child ready for school".
      Writeboards Australian School Readiness Kits are GREAT!

      Our Reusable Writeboard is included in Your Aussie School Readiness Kit

      Our Writeboard provides your child with a reusable tool that can adapt to their needs as they get older. Its durability ensures it will stand the test of time, helping your child to excel.

      • Our Writeboards frame-free design gives full freedom of movement, just like writing on paper, except it is lots more fun.
      • Your child can easily practice learning to form both letters and numbers, learn their shapes & colours, play a fun game of bingo and the list goes on...  

          School Readiness Reusable Writing board, School Readiness Tracing Board & Worksheets         

        Free Downloads are included in Your Australian School Readiness Kit

        Our free downloads, designed by teachers, are the perfect way to both challenge and motivate your child, helping them take the next step in their educational journey.

        • Australian schools use five different styles of handwriting and we have them all.
        • Our Writeboards 100% money back guarantee ensures you're getting the best handwriting in the world - from right here, Down Under!


        Your Australian School Readiness Kit Includes:

        • One innovative Writeboard.
        • Two whiteboard markers.
        • One magnetic Writeboard eraser.
        • One storage tin that also doubles as the perfect lap table for their Writeboard so it can be used in the car, at the park, on the lounge etc.    
            Use your Australian School Readiness Kit anywhere with it own lap table        Use your Australian School Readiness Kit anywhere with it own lap table  
        • 442 pages of educational material. You get to download our school readiness worksheets & flashcards that have been designed by teachers for your child.

        "My mother in law purchased this for my 4 year old daughter. This is the best thing she has ever bought her. My daughter is addicted to her Writeboard & she now prefers it over the tablet, it is amazing!

        What free downloads are included in your School Readiness Kit

        To show you what free downloads are included in your child's school readiness kit, we are using just one example of our Australian fonts.

        All our school readiness kits include the same high quality components, tailored to fit the handwriting standards of your child's particular Australian state or territory.

        • Alphabet worksheets & flashcards: Our alphabet worksheets and flashcards were developed to focus on the phonic alphabet (e.g. p is for pig or paint and not for phone). Just perfect for jump starting your child's journey into literacy as well as teaching your child how to form their alphabet and learn simple words.
        • Number worksheets & flashcards: These colourful worksheets & flashcards will teach your child the fundamentals of numeracy while they learn to form their Aussie numbers. Your child can have great fun playing games with their flashcards too! 
        • Play Dough Lowercase Letters and Numbers: These lowercase letters and numbers work well with both play dough and your child's Writeboard. The large letters will teach your child in the easiest format possible. There is one letter and number per page, each page has a smaller version of the letter or number with directional arrows.
        • Play Dough Uppercase Letter: These uppercase letters work well with both play dough and your child's Writeboard. There are two pages devoted to each letter, one page has the uppercase letters with the directional arrows while the other page is plain. Each page has a matching picture. These can also be turned into flashcards.
        • Shape and Colour worksheets and flashcards: These worksheets & flashcards cover the fundamentals. There are match the colour shapes, dot to dot shapes, outline shapes which are great for fine motor skills, and bingo games.
        • Dolch Sight Word Flashcards: These 315 sight word flashcards were developed by Edward Dolch. He wrote a book called "Problems in Reading". He focused on the most common words used in children's books. Dolch said that if children could recognise these words by sight, they could learn to read faster and more efficiently.
        • Arithmetic Bingo: This was based on a quite an expensive game, but it comes free with your school readiness kit. Your child can learn number recognition and how to count from 1 to 12, plus they can also learn addition and subtraction from 1 to 12 by playing fun bingo games. Great to use with your Writeboard!
        • Learn to Tell the Hourly Time: Designed for ease of use, this is the easiest way to teach your child how to tell the hourly time. Why is it easier, simply because we use colour coding. The orange hand represents the o'clock, while on the digital display it represents the orange boxes (00). The green hand represents the hour, while on the digital display it represents the green box/and or boxes.
        • Large Dotted Third Letters: When you child starts school in Australia, they are going to have to learn to draw their letters on lines. The lines teach your child the exact size each letter should be. We have devoted one letter of the alphabet with directional arrows to each page. Once your child can do those perfectly you can then move them on to our three letters to a page worksheets.

          What happens after I purchase my child's Australian school readiness kit?

          • Right after your purchase of the school readiness kit for your child, you will get an email from Writeboards with all the free worksheets and flashcards.
          • The remaining components of your kit will be sent to you via Australia Post within forty eight hours of your purchase.

          If you have any questions or would like any help, please contact us.

          NOTE: This product is for HOME USE only. If you are a school, teacher, business or professional person you will require a Writeboards Site Licence to access our printable downloads.